In Flow

Audio visual, audience responsive, installation


An audio-visual artwork about material changes in state. The software driven piece changes its condition in response to its audience’s actions generating continually transitioning pattern.

In Flow No. 1 (shown):
Artist & sound: Ronan Devlin
Developer: Mark Linnane

Un Deg Un, Oriel Wrecsam Offsite, July–August 2014

In Flow No. 2
Artist: Ronan Devlin
Sound: Ant Dickinson
Developers: John Story, Michael Flueckiger, Liam Dunne

Lumen Prize tour 2015/16
Lightpool, Blackpool, 2016
Winter Lights Festival, Canary Wharf, 2016

Lumen Prize finalist 2015/16
Long list in Daiwa Anglo Japanese Art Prize 2015

Supported by:
Arts Council of Wales, HPC Wales, Oriel Wrecsam, Pontio Innovation