In Flow

A generative artwork, which continually changes its audio visual conditions.


The moving image piece shows the visual complexity resulting from interplay between two planar triangle graphs, which are drawn from the atomic level geometry of Carbon. The intention is to represent the imperceptible atomic landscape and engage the viewer in a meditative experience.

The work can be presented as video loop, custom software, sensor-driven audience responsive installation or paused to generate a print edition.





In Flow No. 1:
Artist & sound, Ronan Devlin
Developer, Mark Linnane

Un Deg Un, Oriel Wrecsam Offsite, July–August 2014

In Flow No. 2
Artist, Ronan Devlin
Sound, Ant Dickinson
Developers, John Story, Michael Flueckiger, Liam Dunne

Lumen Prize tour 2015/16
Lightpool, Blackpool, 2016
Winter Lights Festival, Canary Wharf, 2016

Lumen Prize finalist 2015/16
Long list in Daiwa Anglo Japanese Art Prize 2015

Supported by:
Arts Council of Wales, HPC Wales, Oriel Wrecsam, Pontio Innovation